Reliable Quality that Supports Clinical Front Lines

Our rich portfolio in contract pharmaceutical manufacturing contributes to better health.

Highest Standards of Assurance in Compliance with Pharmaceutical GMP

We have worked with European pharmaceutical companies since our foundation. In 1996, we began contract manufacturing of monograph drugs, generic drugs and quasi-drugs in our GMP facility. With quality, cost and speed in mind, we are dedicated to delivering stable supplies of high-quality products through our long-standing experience in production technology. From liquids, ointments, granules, and powders to other forms of products, our systematic production system is capable of full integration of manufacturing with dispensing, inspection, packaging, testing, storage and delivery for all kinds of needs, from small-scale manufacturing of multiple products to mass manufacturing.


Factory I : Topical disinfectants, ointments, powder dispensing
Factory II: Granules
Factory III : Packaging [primary and secondary packaging, specialty packaging for high pharmacological activity drugs]

Tablets (sorting, filling and packaging)

Secondary packaging for injectables (vials, ampules, syringes)

Infusions (in bags), fixatives (PTP and strip packaging), secondary packaging for anesthetics (in glass containers)

Specialty packaging for drug samples (1- to 6-tablet PTP cards and booklets)

Packaging Equipment

PTP blister line, laser carton printer/inspector (GS1-128 compatible)

Table cartoner, image processor for printing and GS1-128 testing, X-ray detector for foreign materials

Vial labeling system (15 to 100 mm in diameter, 35 to 150 mm in height)

Vial cap labeling system

Card and booklet packaging system (with laser printer and image inspector)

Pharmaceutical Storage

2600-pallet storage (room temperature), cold storage (2 to 8˚C), ICH stability study storage

Testing and Analysis

Physicochemical testing, stability testing, sterility (isolator) testing, other studies



Inspection and Packaging
(Primary Packaging)

Tablets and capsules are blister-packed in a humidity- and temperature-controlled facility (alu-alu available) from loading (capable of both even and odd numbers) to pillow packing.
Inspection and Packaging (Primary Packaging)

Inspection and Packaging
(Secondary Packaging)

Tablets, fine granules, granules, injectables and infusions are inspected and packed in secondary packages while going through inspection image processors and X-ray foreign object detectors.
Inspection and Packaging (Secondary Packaging)

Visual Inspection Line

Visual Inspection Line

Specialty Processing Room for High Pharmacological Activity Products

Specialty Processing Room for High Pharmacological Activity Products
Integrated Manufacturing

Topical Antiseptics

From ethanol-based rubs to surfactant-, biguanide- and detergent-based antiseptics, we are offering manufacturing, dispensing, packaging and distribution services for various types of disinfectants that are marketed as drugs or quasi-drugs.
Topical Antiseptics

Medical Ointments

A vacuum emulsifier is used for the manufacture of pharmacopoeia-grade and other types of topicals in vegetable oil base, mineral oil base, aqueous base and W/O and O/W emulsions. Manufacturing, filling, packaging and shipping are all integrated.
Medical Ointments

Powders and Granules

We offer dispensing, packaging and shipping of pharmacopoeia -listed powders and granules. Various shapes and sizes of containers are available. We also offer manufacturing of pharmacopoeia-listed products using a double cone mixer.
Powders and Granules


Key Systems

  • Isolator
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Gas chromatography
  • Potentiometric titrator
  • Infrared spectrophotometer
  • UV spectrophotometer
  • Dissolution tester
  • Sterility tester

Key Systems



We offer complete storage solutions for raw materials, intermediates and final products. Cold storages for 2˚C to 8˚C and dedicated storages for ICH stability studies are among our key facilities. These facilities are equipped with a backup power system to ensure quality even during an electric outage.


We are ideally positioned just a 30-minute drive away from Kansai Airport and 5 minutes away from a highway, promising speedy delivery of contract manufactured products. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are integrated with a distribution system that allows a smooth transition from testing and packaging to distribution of not only domestically manufactured products but also imported products, which are in increasing demand in this age of pharmaceutical globalization.

We are fully licensed to deliver a wide range of products safely and securely.

Our national and prefectural registration/certification for safe and reliable delivery:

  • 1.

    Registered pharmaceutical manufacturer

  • 6.

    Registered general dangerous goods handler

  • 2.

    Registered exempt narcotic manufacturer

  • 7.

    Certified hazardous materials storage (underground alcohol storage)

  • 3.

    Registered psychotropic preparations manufacturer

  • 8.

    Veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing license

  • 4.

    Registered stimulants raw materials handler

  • 9.

    Quasi-drug manufacturing and marketing license

  • 5.

    Marketing license for quasi-drugs

  • 10.

    Registered medical device manufacturer

Our specialty sampling room for safe handling of high activity drugs.

To ensure safety, our facility is equipped with a specialty sampling room to handle even the most sensitive products.

Our specialty sampling room for safe handling of high activity drugs.