World Standard of Quality – That’s Where We are Going

In the era of globalization, our challenge is to manufacture products with international advantages.

Finest Quality to Build Highest Trust

In an age of fast-evolving technologies and globalization, stable supplies of high-quality products are more important than ever. Since our foundation, the world-standard quality has been always our priority as demonstrated by our strict adherence to pharmaceutical GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and other international guidelines from early on. Through our technologies and quality control program, we are committed to delivering quality products across the world. Our products that are manufactured to meet this world highest standard are well received by our many customers.



Quality That Meets the World Standard

Always thinking globally, we manufacture products at facilities that meet the requirements of ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, so we can deliver our products anywhere around the world. Through well-thought our design and quality control for our products and services, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining a stable production system that ensures a continuous supply of high-quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations for safety. To meet the worldwide demand for taurine, in particular, our products have been certified to meet Kosher and Halal requirements.


Advanced Control System for the World Standard

In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and quality control guidelines are in place to ensure safe, consistent, quality throughout the process from the moment raw ingredients enter the facility to the release of final products. This is called Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and each manufacturer must operate according to these guidelines. At Kasano Kosan, quality is always at the core of our business. We are continuously working toward the establishment of a manufacturing and quality control system that meets international GMP standards to deliver safety and reassurance to our customers.


Highest Food Safety Standard for Health

For food products that have a direct impact on our health, quality is first and foremost. That is why we are certified to ISO 22000, the international standard for food safety management systems, and approved by the Japanese organic certification process by JAS. By delivering tasty food products made with the highest safety standard, we are contributing to the health and wellbeing of the people around us.