Kasano Kosan Corporation (“Company”) has prescribed this Personal Information Protection Policy in order to promote the protection of Personal Information through the creation of a Personal Information protection framework and ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal information and the relevant initiatives.

1) Management of Personal Information

The Company maintains accurate and up-to-date personal information acquired from inquiries and employment advertisements through the Website, adopts the necessary measures for maintaining security and management systems and provides extensive training for all staff in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage, etc., of Personal Information.

2) Purpose of Using Personal Information

The Company uses Personal Information received from persons (“Individuals”) who make inquiries and respond to employment advertisements for the purpose of sending emails and documents for contacting Individuals, providing information regarding work and replying to questions. The Company does not use Personal Information for purposes other than these purposes without obtaining approval from the relevant Individual.

3) Restrictions on the Use of Person Information

The Company manages Personal Information obtained from Individuals in an appropriate manner and does not disclose Personal Information to any third parties, except when:

4) Cross-Referencing Personal Information

If an Individual requests Person Information to be cross referenced, amended or deleted, etc., the Company will respond after confirming the identity of the Individual.

5) Compliance and Review of Laws and Regulations

The Company strives to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to retention of Personal Information in Japan and reviews and amends the content of this Policy when necessary.

6) Inquires

Please see below for inquires relating to the handling of Personal Information.

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