Manufacturing for Consumer’s Peace of Mind

Combining the latest technology with tradition to deliver tastier and safer natto.

Trusted, Safe and Creative – We Are Keeping Tradition Alive in Natto Manufacturing

To integrate our long-standing technologies into healthy living – We built the company Mameki in 1998 to manufacture traditional fermented soybeans natto, which have been gaining renewed attention as a healthfood. Using only the finest ingredients and soybeans domestically grown by our contract farmers, we have recreated the traditional production process in a very modern facility and successfully produced delicious natto with a higher standard of safety.

Mameki Corporation

(Factory) 620 Iwase, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama 640-8301, Japan

TEL: +81-73-473-0880 (main phone number)

FAX: +81-73-473-3111


Finest Ingredients

We select the finest soybeans, which are largely grown domestically by our contract farmers. The soybeans used in our products are all traceable and controlled under our strict management system to block any unwanted soybeans from entering our products.

Finest Process

In the traditional manner, our soybeans are gently steamed under low pressure and slowly fermented at low temperature to bring out the best flavor. The manufacturing conditions are fine-tuned on a daily basis according to the temperature, humidity and origin of the soybeans used to ensure a better taste.

Finest Quality

We are the first natto manufacturer certified to ISO 22000. Our natto products are manufactured under the finest quality control system, which is built upon our know-how of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our facility is compliant with strict standards for organic food production and certified by JAS.

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