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Our chemical products have been the mainstay of our business since the beginning. Specialized in diverse chemical technologies ranging from organic synthesis, purification, blending, emulsion polymerization, extraction to powderization, we contribute to your everyday life by delivering pharmaceutical raw and intermediate materials, raw resin, food additives and healthfood ingredients to diverse industries. We are dedicated to delivering quality products to our customers by implementing quality management programs and earning ISO 9001 certification. In 2016, we established our European facility in Dusseldorf, Germany (Kasano Europe GmbH), to fulfill the EU’s REACH requirements and to find new market opportunities.


Acrylamide Derivatives

Our acrylamide products have a wide range of applications from weatherproofing to binding and are used in a variety of products including building material coating and beverage can lining, adhesives and fiber processing agents. They also work as excellent “UV monomers” that solidify upon light activation.

Coating for aluminum and other building materials, lining of food and drink cans, acryl resin bridging, UV printing ink for CD/DVD/BD


Our organic synthesis, purification and crystallization technologies ensure the manufacture of highly refined, needle crystal forms of taurine. Taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid, has vital biological functions as demonstrated in its application to products such as ophthalmic drops, powdered infant formulas and cat foods. It also has industrial applications.

Energy drinks, eye drops, cat food products

Vitamin E Powders

Although natural vitamin E, d-α-tocopherol, occurs as oil, it can form crystals when combined with certain types of amino acid. Using this unique property, we are manufacturing highly concentrated, 70% vitamin E powders using only two ingredients. These powders can be easily incorporated into tablets and hard capsules.

Health food products, nutraceuticals (supplements)


Using our unique technologies developed through our long-standing history of research and experience,
we deliver speedy solutions to our customers to meet their product needs.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Highly purified monomers, bridging agents, electronic chemicals, food additive chemicals, pharmaceutical organic chemical intermediates, polymer fine particles, oil and fat derivatives, surfactants, natural substances

Our Specialty

Organic chemical reactions (methylolation, Grignard reaction)

Polymerization (suspension polymerization, solution polymerization)

Crystallization and purification (pentose, hexose)

Spray drying powderization (surfactants, polymers)

Our Facility

Thin-film evaporator (50 L GL), multi-layer distillation tower (30L GL)

15 GL reactors (100 L to 4,000 L), 11 SUS reactors (100 L to 6,600 L)

Distillation columns (10 theoretical plates, 14 m3 and 50 theoretical plates, 3 m3)

Spray dryer (15 Kg/h water evaporation, direct fired with LPG)

Conical dryer, shelf dryer, centrifuge, ion exchanger, column separation equipment

  • Distillation Tower

  • GL Reactors

  • Spray Dryer

Contract Manufacturing Process

Contract (Marketing Team)

Flexible manufacturing scales from hundreds of grams for research purposes to several tons

From high purity organic chemicals to purification, drying and blending of a variety of chemicals

Research and Proposal of Synthetic Pathways and Manufacturing Methods (Technology and Development Team) We work with external experts to find and propose the best solutions for your manufacturing needs

(Chemical Manufacturing Facility and Technology and Development Team)
From small-scale laboratory manufacturing to plant manufacturing on larger ton scales

Delivery We deliver products about one month after the order